Plastic Surgery Instruments – Breast Dissectors

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Breast dissectors are surgical instruments that are designed specifically for use in breast surgery. These instruments are used to dissect and separate tissues during breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. There are many different types of breast dissectors, including:

  1. Blunt dissectors: These instruments have a blunt tip that is used to gently separate tissues without causing damage.
  2. Sharp dissectors: These instruments have a sharp edge that is used to cut through tissues during dissection.
  3. Liposuction cannulas: These instruments are used to suction out fat from the breast tissue during liposuction procedures.
  4. Endoscopes: These instruments have a camera attached to them that allows the surgeon to see inside the breast tissue during surgery.
  5. Retractors: These instruments are used to hold the breast tissue in place during surgery, allowing the surgeon to work more effectively.

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