Plastic Surgery Instruments – Speculas

Plastic Surgery Instruments – Speculas

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Plastic surgery speculums are medical instruments used to spread open a surgical incision or wound to allow the surgeon to see and access the underlying tissue or organs. There are different types of speculums used in plastic surgery, depending on the area of the body being operated on and the specific procedure being performed.

Some common types of plastic surgery speculums include:

  1. Lip retractor: used to keep the lips open during lip augmentation or liposuction procedures
  2. Breast retractors: used to keep the breast tissue open during breast augmentation, reduction, or reconstruction surgeries
  3. Nasal speculum: used to hold the nostrils open during rhinoplasty or other nasal surgeries
  4. Vaginal speculum: used to hold the vaginal walls open during labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, or other genital surgeries
  5. Ear speculum: used to hold the ear canal open during otoplasty or ear reconstruction surgeries
  6. Eye speculum: used to hold the eyelids open during eyelid surgery, brow lift, or other facial surgeries.

Plastic surgery speculums are usually made of stainless steel or other medical-grade materials that are durable and easy to sterilize. They may be single-use or reusable, depending on the specific instrument and the surgeon’s preference.

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