Root Splinter

Dental Instruments – Root Splinter

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A dental root splinter is a specialized dental instrument used to remove fragments of root from the socket after a tooth has been extracted. These splinters are designed to access the root and help to remove any small fragments that may be left behind.

Dental root splinters are typically made of high-quality stainless steel and have a sharp, pointed tip that allows for precise placement and manipulation during the extraction process. They may have a curved or angled handle to provide optimal access to the socket and the root fragment.

To use a dental root splinter, the dental professional carefully positions the instrument in the socket and uses the pointed tip to grasp the root fragment. They then gently maneuver the splinter to remove the fragment, being careful not to damage surrounding tissues.

Proper cleaning and sterilization of dental root splinters are important to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety. Dental professionals should follow proper infection control protocols and replace instruments that become worn or damaged.