Ophthalmic Instruments- Spatulas

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Ophthalmic spatulas are surgical instruments used in ophthalmology procedures to manipulate and position delicate tissues in the eye during surgery. There are different types of ophthalmic spatulas, including:

  1. Kelman-McPherson spatula: a fine, angled spatula used for inserting and positioning intraocular lenses.
  2. Troutman spatula: a double-ended spatula with a larger spoon-shaped end and a smaller, angled end used to manipulate corneal flaps.
  3. Barraquer spatula: a thin, flat spatula used to lift and manipulate the cornea during surgery.
  4. Lieberman spatula: a small, curved spatula used for manipulating delicate eye tissues.
  5. Hirschman spatula: a thin, flat spatula used to lift the iris and manipulate other intraocular tissues.

Ophthalmic spatulas are typically made of stainless steel and can be sterilized for reuse. They are designed to be precise and gentle to prevent damage to delicate eye tissues during surgery.

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