Advance Sinus

Dental Instruments – Advance Sinus

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Advanced sinus refers to a surgical technique used in dentistry and oral surgery to lift the sinus membrane and add bone grafting material to the upper jaw bone, also known as the maxilla, in order to increase the amount of bone available for dental implant placement.

The maxillary sinuses are air-filled spaces located behind the cheeks and above the upper teeth. In cases where there is insufficient bone in the upper jaw to support dental implants, a dental surgeon may recommend an advanced sinus procedure to add bone grafting material to the area and encourage new bone growth.

During an advanced sinus procedure, the dental surgeon makes a small incision in the gums and gently lifts the sinus membrane to create a small space. The bone grafting material is then placed into this space, and the gums are closed with stitches.

Over time, the bone grafting material will integrate with the patient’s own bone tissue and create a solid foundation for the dental implants. Once the bone has fully healed, the dental implants can be placed into the jaw bone and used to support a dental restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture.

Advanced sinus procedures are typically performed by dental surgeons who have received specialized training in implant dentistry and oral surgery. The procedure is considered safe and effective, but as with any surgical procedure, there are some risks and potential complications that should be discussed with the patient before the procedure is scheduled.