Bipolar Artery Sealer

Bipolar Artery Sealer

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A bipolar artery sealer is a medical device used during surgical procedures to seal blood vessels without the need for traditional surgical sutures or clips. It is typically used in minimally invasive surgeries, such as laparoscopic or robotic-assisted procedures, and can also be used in open surgeries.

The bipolar artery sealer works by delivering controlled electrical energy to the targeted tissue. The device has two electrodes that are placed on either side of the blood vessel being sealed. The electrical energy passes through the tissue and causes it to heat up and denature, which leads to the formation of a seal.

The bipolar artery sealer is designed to seal blood vessels up to a certain diameter, typically ranging from 1mm to 7mm. It is important to choose the appropriate size of the device for the specific blood vessel being sealed.

One of the advantages of using a bipolar artery sealer is that it can significantly reduce the amount of bleeding during surgery. Because the blood vessels are sealed rather than cut, there is less risk of bleeding complications during or after the procedure. Additionally, the use of a bipolar artery sealer can also reduce the amount of time needed for the surgical procedure and can lead to faster recovery times for the patient.

It is important to note that the bipolar artery sealer should only be used by trained medical professionals who have experience with the device and are familiar with the potential risks and complications associated with its use. Proper maintenance and handling of the device are also important to ensure its safe and effective use during surgical procedures.