Bipolar Electrodes

Bipolar Electrodes

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Bipolar electrodes are another type of electrode commonly used in electrotherapy and electrodiagnostic procedures. Unlike monopolar electrodes, which consist of a single electrode, bipolar electrodes consist of two electrodes that are placed close to each other on the skin surface.

In electrotherapy, bipolar electrodes are commonly used in transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy, which involves the use of low-level electrical current to provide pain relief. The two electrodes are placed on either side of the area of pain, and the electrical current is passed between them. This can help to block pain signals and provide relief from a variety of acute and chronic pain conditions.

In electrodiagnostic procedures, bipolar electrodes are often used in electromyography (EMG) and electroencephalography (EEG) studies. In EMG, bipolar electrodes are used to record the electrical activity of muscles, while in EEG, they are used to record the electrical activity of the brain.

Overall, bipolar electrodes are a valuable tool in electrotherapy and electrodiagnostic procedures, allowing for the targeted application of electrical current and recording of electrical activity in the body.