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Ophthalmic Instruments- Forceps & Frazier

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Ophthalmic forceps and Frazier instruments are used in various surgical procedures involving the eyes and surrounding structures.

Ophthalmic forceps are delicate, fine-tipped instruments used to grasp and manipulate delicate tissue during ophthalmic surgery. They come in various shapes and sizes, with curved or straight tips and serrated or smooth jaws, depending on the specific procedure.

Frazier instruments, also known as Frazier suction tips or Frazier suction tubes, are used to remove fluids and debris during surgical procedures. They consist of a thin, flexible tube with a pointed tip that can be inserted into small spaces or through narrow openings, such as those found in ophthalmic surgery. The tip is connected to a suction device, which allows the surgeon to remove fluid and debris from the surgical site.

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