Impression Trays

Dental Instruments – Impression Trays

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Dental impression trays are dental instruments used to create an accurate replica of a patient’s teeth and gums. They are typically made of plastic or metal and come in different sizes and shapes to fit the patient’s mouth and the specific area being treated.

Dental impression trays are used in a variety of dental procedures, such as crown and bridge work, dentures, and orthodontics. The trays are filled with an impression material, such as a silicone or alginate material, and placed in the patient’s mouth to create a mold of their teeth and gums.

There are different types of dental impression trays, including stock trays, which are pre-made and come in a variety of sizes, and custom trays, which are specifically made for the patient’s mouth. Custom trays offer a more precise fit, which can lead to more accurate impressions.

Once the impression is made, it is sent to a dental lab where it is used to create a custom dental restoration or orthodontic appliance.

Proper use and cleaning of dental impression trays are important to prevent contamination and ensure the accuracy of the impression. Dental professionals should sterilize trays between uses and replace them if they become worn or damaged.

Overall, dental impression trays are essential tools in many dental procedures, and they help ensure that dental restorations and appliances fit accurately and comfortably for the patient.