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  • Gender Bias in the OR Is a Hazard to Patient Safety
    В июле 21, 2021 в 7: 00 pm

    (MedPage Today) -- It was a typical bustling morning in the pre-operative area where I was waiting for my patient to go back to the operating room (OR). I was reviewing my day ahead: after a short procedure in the OR, I had a full clinic day with...

  • Does COAPT Change the Need to Try Foundational HF Drugs in Functional MR?
    В июле 21, 2021 в 6: 30 pm

    (MedPage Today) -- Clinicians agreed on the need for an overhaul of the heart failure guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT) titration process during a debate on a different question: whether patients with functional mitral regurgitation (MR...

  • Drug Overdoses Spike; Shock Therapy Effective; Psychiatrist Charged for 'Pill-Mill'
    В июле 21, 2021 в 6: 00 pm

    (MedPage Today) -- The American Psychiatric Association issued a renewed call to action to combat the sharply increasing rates of drug overdose deaths. Lyndra Therapeutics got the green light from the FDA on the company's proposed pivotal trial...

  • More Coordinated Federal Help Needed to Battle Extreme Heat, Lawmakers Told
    В июле 21, 2021 в 6: 00 pm

    (MedPage Today) -- WASHINGTON -- Federal agencies need to work together better to lessen the effects of extreme heat on the health of the population, Aaron Bernstein, MD, MPH, said Wednesday at a hearing held by the House Science, Space and Technology...

  • Prime Healthcare Settles Kickback Claims
    В июле 21, 2021 в 5: 30 pm

    (MedPage Today) -- Prime Healthcare, its founder, and a cardiologist employed there will pay $37.5 million to settle claims of kickbacks and fraudulent medical billing, the Department of Justice said. The California-based health system and Prem...

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