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Dental cutters and pliers are dental instruments that are commonly used in different dental procedures.

Dental cutters, also known as dental wire cutters or orthodontic cutters, are specialized pliers used to cut wires in orthodontic treatment. They are designed to cut through different types of wires, including stainless steel, nickel-titanium, and beta-titanium wires. Dental cutters are also used in other dental procedures, such as removing temporary crowns or trimming excess material from dental appliances.

Dental pliers, on the other hand, are versatile dental instruments that can be used in a variety of dental procedures. There are different types of dental pliers, each with a specific purpose. For example, orthodontic pliers are used to place and remove orthodontic brackets and archwires, while periodontal pliers are used for periodontal surgeries and extractions. Other types of dental pliers include wire bending pliers, crown and bridge pliers, and needle holders.

Both dental cutters and pliers are essential tools in many dental procedures, and they require proper training to use effectively and safely. Dental professionals use these instruments to provide effective treatment and ensure good oral health for their patients.