Hysteroscopy Sheath

Hysteroscopy Sheath

A single use 10.5fr Sheath Incorporating a working channel.
Facilitates up to 7fr instrumentation.
Inflow and outflow channels for continuous irrigation.
Can be connected with all video imaging systems.

All medical instruments from Schultz Medical are Made in the UK.
CE certified products from an ISO 9001 & 13485 accredited company.

What is a Hysteroscopy Sheath?

A Hysteroscopy Sheath is used to allow physicians and surgeons to insert hysteroscopes into bodily cavities with a free, working channel for movement and inspection.

Our Sheath provides an inflow and outflow channel for uterine insufflation procedures. Operative channels of hysteroscopes also allow for scissors, forceps and biopsy instruments to be introduced to the uterine cavity.

Hysteroscopy Sheath instructions for use.

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