Dental Instruments – Mallets

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Dental mallets are specialized dental instruments used to provide controlled force to a dental instrument during certain dental procedures, such as tooth extractions or bone grafting. They are designed with a weighted head that is used to strike another instrument, such as a chisel or osteotome, to help facilitate bone removal or shaping.

Dental mallets come in various sizes and weights, with different head shapes and materials to accommodate different types of procedures and personal preferences of the dental professional. They may have a textured grip or ergonomic handle to provide comfort and stability during use.

To use a dental mallet, the dental professional carefully positions the instrument on the dental instrument they wish to strike, then applies force to the handle to deliver a controlled strike. The mallet’s weight provides the necessary force to drive the dental instrument into the bone or tissue, allowing for more precise and effective treatment.

Proper cleaning and sterilization of dental mallets are important to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety. Dental professionals should follow proper infection control protocols and replace instruments that become worn or damaged.