Muscle Hooks / Corneal Markers

Ophthalmic Instruments- Muscle Hooks / Corneal Markers

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Muscle hooks and corneal markers are both surgical instruments commonly used in eye surgery, particularly in procedures involving the cornea or extraocular muscles.

Muscle hooks are small, handheld instruments with a curved, pointed end that can be used to manipulate or stabilize muscles during surgery. They are commonly used in procedures such as strabismus surgery, where the extraocular muscles are repositioned to correct misalignment of the eyes.

Corneal markers, on the other hand, are used to make precise markings on the cornea prior to certain procedures, such as cataract surgery. The markers are designed to create an accurate guide for the surgeon to follow during the procedure, ensuring that incisions are made in the correct location and at the correct depth.

Both muscle hooks and corneal markers are important tools in ophthalmic surgery and are used by ophthalmologists and other eye surgeons around the world.

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