Ophthalmic Instruments- Retractors

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Ophthalmic retractors are instruments used to hold or retract tissues during eye surgery to improve the surgeon’s view of the surgical site. There are different types of ophthalmic retractors designed for specific procedures, including:

  1. Lid retractors: These retractors are used to hold the eyelids open during surgery, allowing the surgeon to access the eye.
  2. Scleral depressors: These are used to push or depress the sclera (white part of the eye) to create space for the surgical instruments.
  3. Iris retractors: These are used to hold the iris (colored part of the eye) away from the surgical site.
  4. Chalazion clamp: This instrument is used to hold the eyelid steady during a chalazion removal procedure.
  5. Speculum: This instrument is used to hold the eye open during certain procedures such as cataract surgery.
  6. Retractor hooks: These are used to retract the conjunctiva (the clear membrane covering the white of the eye) during surgery.

Ophthalmic retractors are made of stainless steel and are designed to be non-reflective to prevent glare that could hinder the surgeon’s view. They are also designed to be gentle on the eye tissues to avoid damaging them during surgery.

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