Spreaders & Heat Carriers

Dental Instruments – Spreaders & Heat Carriers

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Spreaders and heat carriers are dental instruments used in endodontic procedures to prepare and fill the root canal space. They are used to compact filling materials and sealers, and to help shape and fill the canal.

Spreaders are designed with a thin, tapered tip that is used to spread and compact filling materials into the canal. They are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different canals and fillings.

Heat carriers, also known as plugger tips, are designed to transfer heat to the filling material and condense it into the canal. They are typically made of a metal alloy that can be heated and cooled quickly, and are available in different shapes and sizes to fit different canal configurations.

To use spreaders and heat carriers, the dental professional first selects the appropriate size and shape for the canal being treated. They then carefully place the instrument into the canal and manipulate it as needed to compact and shape the filling material.

Proper cleaning and sterilization of spreaders and heat carriers are important to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety. Dental professionals should follow proper infection control protocols and replace instruments that become worn or damaged.