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Castroviejo calipers are precision surgical instruments used in various medical fields, including dentistry. They are named after the Spanish ophthalmologist, Dr. Ramón Castroviejo, who invented them. The calipers consist of two pointed tips that can be adjusted to a specific distance using a screw mechanism. The tips are designed to hold tissue or small objects, allowing the user to accurately measure their size or distance.

In dentistry, Castroviejo calipers are commonly used to measure the distance between teeth, the width of a dental bridge, or the thickness of veneers or crowns. They are also used during implant placement surgery to ensure accurate positioning of the implant fixture. Castroviejo calipers are particularly useful in procedures where precision is essential, as they allow the dentist or oral surgeon to make accurate measurements and adjustments. They are typically made of stainless steel, which is easy to sterilize and maintain.