Dental Instruments – Chisels

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Dental chisels are dental instruments used in restorative dentistry and oral surgery to remove or contour bone or tooth structure. They are usually made of high-quality stainless steel and come in various sizes and shapes.

The working end of a dental chisel is a sharp and straight or slightly angled blade with a beveled edge. Some dental chisels also have a cutting edge that is shaped like a scoop, which is used to remove small pieces of tissue or bone.

Dental chisels are used to remove carious or decayed tooth structure, reshape or contour teeth, remove bone during oral surgery, and smooth or level bone or tooth surfaces. They are commonly used in procedures such as crown preparations, removing old fillings, and removing excess bone during implant placement.

Using dental chisels requires precision and a steady hand, as they can easily damage healthy tooth structure if not used correctly. Dental professionals must also take care to keep their chisels sharp and properly sterilized to avoid infection and ensure a successful clinical outcome.