Monopolar Cables

Monopolar Cables

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Monopolar cables are medical cables that are used in conjunction with electrosurgical devices. Electrosurgery is a technique used to cut or coagulate tissue using high-frequency electrical energy. Monopolar cables are used to deliver this electrical energy from the electrosurgical generator to the surgical instrument, such as a scalpel or forceps.

The monopolar cable is made up of two parts: the cable itself and a connector. The cable is typically made of a flexible, insulated material such as silicone or PVC. The connector is usually a standard 3-pin design that connects to the electrosurgical generator.

The monopolar cable is designed to deliver electrical energy to the surgical instrument. The energy travels from the generator, through the cable, and into the instrument, where it is converted into thermal energy. This thermal energy is then used to cut or coagulate tissue, depending on the specific settings of the electrosurgical device.

Monopolar cables are available in different lengths, typically ranging from one to three meters. They may also come in different diameters or gauges, depending on the type of surgery being performed and the specific instrument being used.

It is important to use high-quality, reliable monopolar cables to ensure that the electrosurgical device functions correctly and safely during surgery. Proper maintenance and handling of the cables can help prevent damage or breakage during use, which could result in injury to the patient or damage to the surgical instrument.