Surgical Instruments – Retractor Kit

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Retractor kits are sets of instruments used in surgery to hold open a wound or incision, allowing the surgeon to better visualize and access the surgical site. These kits can contain various types of retractors, each designed for a specific purpose and surgical application.

Some common types of retractors that may be included in a retractor kit are:

  1. Hand-held retractors: These retractors are held by the surgeon or an assistant and are used to retract soft tissue or organs.
  2. Self-retaining retractors: These retractors are designed to be placed and held in position without the need for manual assistance.
  3. Wire retractors: These retractors are made of thin wire and are used for delicate surgeries.
  4. Rib spreaders: These retractors are used to spread the ribs apart during thoracic surgery.
  5. Abdominal retractors: These retractors are used to hold open an incision in the abdominal wall during surgery.

Retractor kits may also include other instruments, such as clamps, forceps, and scissors, depending on the specific surgical procedure for which the kit is intended.

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