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Rhinology instruments are surgical tools used in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the nose and sinuses. These instruments are used by otolaryngologists (ENT doctors) to perform procedures such as nasal septoplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery, and rhinoplasty. Some examples of rhinology instruments include:

  1. Nasal speculum: This is used to hold open the nostrils for inspection and examination.
  2. Nasal forceps: These are used to hold and manipulate tissues during surgery.
  3. Nasal scissors: These are used to cut tissue and cartilage during surgery.
  4. Endoscope: This is a thin, flexible tube with a camera on the end that is inserted into the nose to visualize the nasal cavity and sinuses.
  5. Sinus curette: This is a small scoop-like instrument used to scrape tissue or debris from the sinuses.
  6. Sinus seeker: This is a long, thin instrument used to locate and probe the sinus openings.
  7. Sphenoid punch: This is used to make an opening into the sphenoid sinus.
  8. Microdebrider: This is a powered instrument used to remove tissue or bone from the nasal cavity or sinuses.

These instruments must be sterilized properly and used by trained professionals to ensure patient safety and successful outcomes.

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