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Suture instruments are tools that are used in the suturing process, which involves the joining together of tissue or wound edges. Here are some commonly used suture instruments:

  1. Needle holder: A needle holder is a surgical instrument used to hold a suturing needle for suturing wounds. It is designed with a strong grip and long jaws that can firmly grasp and manipulate a suture needle.
  2. Scissors: Scissors are used to cut the suture material to the appropriate length. Suture scissors have a curved or straight blade, depending on the type of suture material used.
  3. Forceps: Forceps are used to grasp and manipulate the suture needle, tissue, or suture material. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs to suit different surgical procedures.
  4. Suture threader: A suture threader is a small instrument used to guide the suture thread through the needle eye. It helps to simplify the process of threading the needle, especially when using small needles.
  5. Knot pusher: A knot pusher is used to push and tighten knots during the suturing process. It helps to ensure that the knots are secure and tight to prevent the wound from opening up.
  6. Suture gauge: A suture gauge is used to measure the thickness of suture materials. It is important to use the appropriate suture gauge to ensure that the suture material is strong enough to hold the wound edges together.

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